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    “How can we decrease our labor costs, while maintaining confidence in our quality?”

    A new generation of activation for iOS devices, realizing significant …

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Who we are

Asset Science is lead by software engineers, whose expertise in the wireless mobile technology sector is coupled with deep practical knowledge of the factory environment.

Asset Science is the creator of specialized software and hardware suites for the wireless mobile industry; we integrate the science of the work-line processes to the practicalities of the factory floor.

Next Generation

“Asset Science is a leading designer and provider of a new generation of activation, testing and diagnostic software tools, as well as intelligent, dynamic reporting, for wireless mobile device remanufacturers, reconditioners and resellers around the world.”

Cost efficiencies

“Asset Science guarantees higher factory work-line effectiveness and better cost-efficiency, leading towards higher overall UPH rates and better output rates. Our deep knowledge and experience of the factory environment allows us to look at the software challenges from the factory manager’s and the line operator’s points-of-view.”

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